by Limbs Bin

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Recorded in Japan and USA in December 2013. Released on tape by Follow Me Into The Laser Eye May 2014.


released April 2, 2014

SSS is K/K
LB is J/M



all rights reserved


Limbs Bin Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Blast anthemics for a new generation of ecstatic youth.

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Track Name: Intro + Unmoored + A Breakdown Of Respect + Authority Violated + Sweet Tea At The JCC + Alone
I. “Unmoored”
The cosmos swing
The stars unfold
The world begins
II. “A breakdown of respect”
III. “Authority violated”
IV. “Sweet Tea At The JCC”
Lipton tea with too much sugar
Russian dressing
Korean vet
In the gym
The table’s set
V. “Alone”
Alone as the stars cry
Alone as the sun cowers
Alone as the moon bleeds
Alone counting hours
Track Name: Thamsanqa Jantjie + Love Of Painful Noise
VI. “Thamsanqa Jantjie”
Illuminated elders assemble en masse
Crowds of the grieving call Zuma an ass
The faint smell of gas knocks at memory’s door
Angels alight on the stadium floor
VII. “Love of Painful Noise”
Track Name: White Christ + Golden Sandwich + Thuggery
VIII. “White Christ”
Clinging to the shadow of a dying race
Imperial minds and industrial pace
Projecting your godhead
Into the past
A cosmic Christian
Will never last
IX. “Golden Sandwich”
Raisin spelt bread
Spinach leaves
Mango pickle
Tofu cream cheese
Sliced tofurkey
Zatar hummus
Golden sandwich
Another please
X. “Thuggery”
Bloody knuckled and bloody minded
Track Name: Late Night At The Compound
XI. "Late Night At The Compound"
Lighting incense with cum on my finger.
Do the cops know their informant’s a ringer?
Sitting in defiance in my fortified basement.
No ankle bracelet can give up my placement.
The fires low, the trees they bow in the wind-
Our last messiah was skinned.
My agents walk the walls expecting incursions-
At night the cult sleeps expecting disturbance.
I write my bible with a rifle beside me.
My children know that execution is likely.
The fires low, the trees they bow in the wind-
Our last messiah was skinned.
The skies they opened up and spoke right to me.
I glow with faith eternally.
The old stockades will echo with singing.
Our song is of the death that we’re bringing.
Track Name: Hemoclysm + XIII + Childs Park + The Color Of Gore + Mars Penal Colony
XII. "Hemoclysm"
How can our future not be foretold?
Gallons of ichor, corpses of mold.
Was it a message direct?
No, a deathly monument erect.
Our only unbroken path
Has been the simplification of math.
The oceans will brim with blood
Eternity was torn from above
Attributes of God
Upheaval for change
XIV. “Childs Park”
Magnetic ore and lily pond
Biking in circles all year round
Bed of moss and row of pine
Quiet retreat heaven mine
XV. “The Color Of Gore”
The color of gore
XVI. “Mars Penal Colony”
Prisoners to space
A vacuum of hope
A hidden lead pipe
A lump of good dope
Track Name: Apex Predator + To Step On The Bridge Of Light + Total Collapse + Goodbye
XVII. “Apex Predator”
Unhindered by opponents
atop the pyramid
What crazed dreams must plague
The victory grin

XVIII. “To Step On The Bridge Of Light”
Boot clad foot upon the rainbow
A rush of rays arrange the sky
The tab is melting
Time is shifting
Be brave be true be free be fly
XIX. “Total Collapse”
In truth I fear the final crack
XX. “Goodbye”
Every moment is loss
Every parting is sorrow
A second escaped
You can never borrow
Track Name: Goodbye Again + To Pittsfield, Forever Undefeated
XXI. "Goodbye Again"
XXII. “To Pittsfield, Forever Undefeated”
Raise your middie blunt high
To the Berkshire sky
Pack up your popvov
And to sith let’s fly
Bowie and Bare Bones
The Source of the nile
GE and Jones
The sinking ship’s smile